Welcome to Miccraft!

Welcome to Miccraft 1.13 Beta, opened 8/3/18.

About Us:

Miccraft is a non-whitelisted, semi-vanilla survival, no lag, multiplayer server.  We have a wonderful community and are happy to have you all here!  After more than four dedicated years of 24/7 availability, we are excited to offer a new Beta map with the Aquatic Update 1.13!  We are currently waiting on a few plugin updates: /shop, /tpa, and mcmmo, once released, you will have first access to a reset map and the features below.  Please note: there is no specific timeline to the beta reset, however, you can look forward to the following enhancements in your playing experience:

Available now:
  • Homes: Allows you to set and warp to homes in the world for easy travel. [Earn more homes through donation packages. /sethome and /home commands.]
  • Land Claims: Protect your hard work from griefers.  [Use a golden shovel to claim your land and protect your valuables.]
Awaiting plugins:
  • New Spawn: It’s awesome, sneak a peak from the pictures throughout this site.
  • Shops (Bukkit): Makes selling and trading easier and more convenient, located within the new spawn!
  • TPA (Bukkit): Allows you to play near your friends and to build your own community within our server.
  • Lockette (Bukkit), locks your chest/doors by placing a sign so that only you can access them.
How to use this site:

Please take a few moments to become familiar with our new and improved site.  Located within the top menu: Miccraft news, server updates, Miccraft wiki (commands, rules, plugins, and votesite), view donor packages and perks.

  • Donate? That’s right! If you enjoy this community and want to help out while taking advantage of some fantastic perks, take a moment to view the donor packages in the donor tab.
  • Votesite? Within the Votesite tab, learn about our voting system which helps our server grow while you earn diamonds.  You can then use those diamonds to trade for an Elytra or a Beacon!
  • News? Be sure to stay current by visiting the Miccraft News and Server Updates pages often. For your convenience, you can also view ‘Recent Posts’ as well as all prior posts from the ‘Archives’ section of the sidebar.
  • Discord? To contact us or chat live, visit our Discord channel, found in the sidebar under ‘Quick Links’.  Also, see our sidebar for the Discord Widget, and to see who is online
Privacy Policy:

Your privacy is important to us!  We have a new privacy policy, available to you in the top menu. We’ve created this new miccraft site to help protect our community, based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), brought into effect, May 28, 2018. As a result, we will not require you to sign up or create an account to view this site, nor will we store any of your personal information. The information found on Miccraft.com will be for informational purposes only, you will be unable to comment directly on this site, but can still utilize Discord for those purposes.  We appreciate your patience and understanding and look forward to seeing you in game!

Thanks for choosing Miccraft!

Your Miccraft Team!