Get your Limited Edition Supporter Bundle!

It’s here! The Limited Edition Supporter Bundle # 1, Volume 1 for Donors!

Already got yours? Awesome! Want to get yours or just want to browse? Here’s how:

  1. Click this link:, or
  2. Go to, select Donor Packages from the top right menu bar, or
  3. In game, type /buy.

On the page follow these steps:

  1. Select the packages tab.
  2. Enter your name, this is needed to proceed to view each of the packages: coal, iron, gold, diamond, and diamond plus.
  3. To browse through the perks for each package select Buy next to each package. (This doesn’t purchase the package yet).

As a bonus, purchasing higher level packages will also give you access lower level package perks. For example, if you purchase the gold package, you have access to the coal, iron and gold rooms within the donor hub at spawn!

Thank you to all our current donors, we wouldn’t be here without all your contributions!

Hurry, Hurry, Don’t delay, get yours today!


Your Miccraft Team!