8 Things to do on Our Server
Hello there Miccrafters! Do you ever feel like regular old multiplayer Minecraft is just too repetitive? Well Miccraft has some free extras we've created specifically to enhance your gameplay experience!

1) Voting System: If you vote every day, the chances of others seeing our ads are increased. This invites more people to our community, and brings in loads of new faces! An added benefit of voting is our /shop command! After voting you gain vote points, which you can use in /shop to buy expensive items! Vote daily at http://www.Miccraft.com!

2) Mall Units: We take pride in one of our unique features, the /mall! The /mall is the perfect place for any player to buy or sell anything. It gives us our server an economy and is a great way to get rid of surplus items, or acquire more items in mass supply! Follow this link to watch our /mall how-to video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-OAdb7ie3s

3) Server Review: Writing a server review will give new players a sneak peek at what our server is like, it's also a chance to let your voice be heard about how great our server is! Post a review and give us a diamond at http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/24...eamspeak3/

4) Discord: Our discord is a place to keep in touch with your friends on the server. You can use your mic and headset to talk to friends while you play, or you can just type! Joining is free! https://discord.gg/PyyDBfH

5) Server staff: Have some free time and enjoying playing our server? Apply to the Miccraft online forums t become a staff member! You'll act as a friendly interface for our server, and enforcer of our rules! Applying to be a server staff could be your way of running a server without worrying about the cost! Up for the position? Apply today!

6) Creating Videos: Creating videos and posting them on video streaming website helps new players learn about what we have to offer. Remember to tag our channel in your video for a like!

7) Like our Facebook, liking and posting on our facebook is a great way to keep connected with the server. We use facebook ads to publish our facebook posts to new gamers in the Minecraft community, therefore posting helps! https://www.facebook.com/MiccraftCommunity

8) Like our Youtube, liking and subscribe to our youtube channel! Miccraft is actively getting involved with youtube and post new videos monthly, keep in touch and learn new things about our server, subscribe today! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCruO9cH...v1-IVGee7g

Thanks for reading, and we hope you find your in game experience just a little more fun!
what is the discord server link?

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