Abount offensive names
I had a bit of a heavy reaction to the "ADOLF_HITLER" guy being welcomed instead of being banned.

I typed something like "fu for that name" and left game.
I'll try to explain.

 I'm not playing alone here.
I brought my friends and family to play here.
We have older people and also very young. I have to keep that ugly real life shit from them even if it's just trolling.
I play on Miccraft for those reasons. For a family style server. For the friendly people and chill atmosphere.
That's why I was a bit shocked by that he was welcomed instead of insta banned. And new players who are just here even defending him.

In this situation "ADOLF_HITLER" is not "just" a name.

It's a name chosen because it's a known offensive name for many people.
it's chosen either for the purpose to troll and upset people or to create political discussion that nobody wants in a game.

It's not chosen to contribute to a friendly environment and THAT'S why I think people who chose names like that should be banned.
Because it goes against where Miccraft stands for.
I find your comments well constructed and insightful. 

Hence I agree that this player should be temp banned and offered an explanation if she/he asks for one.
I see this name as being against 6 rules Miccraft;
In Server Rules:
9. Discrimination (signs, symbols, builds etc.). 
10. Harassment (signs, symbols, builds etc.)
16. Upsetting a large portion of the community

In Chat Rules:
2. Discriminating
4. Terrorizing or anything related to terrorism
11. Inappropriate Content

I support Sjnarfi in his demand to have staff do something against this.

Thank You.

They have been taken care of
Thank you Smile

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