Hi all!
My in game name is AusZGal, I am sure some of you may have seen me on a lot recently. I join MicCraft roughly a week ago and have been playing nearly everyday for 5+ hours!

I first started playing Minecraft when I 15 now 19, and immediately found a passion for building. I don't and never have really cared for the PvP aspect, maybe due to being bad at it, but definitely believe I have skills in building so that is where my comfort sits. I started YouTube pretty much as soon as I got Minecraft and got up to 400 subscribers. I was immediately into SMP servers and ran my own for over a year with it becoming a somewhat well known small YouTuber SMP.

If you haven'y seen my house, I reside in the Emperor Community, travel with the Mesa biome to your left and you will see a tall tower before the rail house. That's Me!

Little bit about myself as I said I am 19, if you haven't figured out by my odd name I am Australian, which could play a role in why you might not have seen me on the server, bets are while you're sleeping I am grinding :D Massive dog lover, until my pupper decides to rip the clothes of the line, than maybe not so much XD

Make sure if you see me to say hi or visit my base! <3 ausz
I have seen you around and am glad to be able to play with you! Welcome!
Welcome to Miccraft!
We need more players like yourself, filled with enthusiastic building skills and community driven.

Ill sure say Hello when I log on and will be visting as soon as I can.


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