my staff application
Minecraft Name – Kdone77
Age –  30
Maturity Level ( 1 – 10) - 8

Timezone -  eastern standard

What time are you most often on? (your time) – 8 pm est-12 pm est

Are you multilingual? - no

When did you first play Minecraft, how often do you play? – played on an off for 5 years. Play around 5 days a week

Have you ever been banned or temp banned on another server? - 
What is your previous experience in any type of moderation? - 
Where are you most active on the server? - 
building my base at my location or helping on a few projects with others at their bases
How would employing you benefit Miccraft and why should you be appointed the position? -
Could help around the late period of the day with questions and have dealt with some conflict resolution in my job
Additional Information –

Want to help the server because I like to play on it.

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