Claim Removal Request Form
Claim Removal Request Form

Please provide the following information.

Your In-Game Player Name -

Name of claim owner -

Days since last login of claim owner -

X & Z Cords for claim -

Reason for claim removal -

An Admin will review your request within 72 hours. Admins reserve the right to Approve or Deny all requests.

my IGN: ORandom
name of claim owner: mt2m

number of days last log in: 415 days (checked by Snop)
X -120   Z 527

mt2m gave me part of his claim when I was expanding north ward a long time ago. now that Im expanding north ward, the rest of his small base is in the way. I know he has another claim with a larger home nearer zero/zero so he might not miss this small one.


Your request has been reviewed and the claim has been removed. Have a nice day!

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