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Hey Miccraft here is a list of 7 free things to do to get involved and help Miccraft!

1) Voting System, voting every day using our voting system helps get our ads better ranks, which means more people see our ads allowing more people to befriend Miccraft! Vote daily at

2) Mall Units, the miccraft /mall is very unique allowing members to value and sell their items at whatever price they want, the /mall is the perfect place to sell items! Watch this video on how to get started selling at the /mall

3) Discord, Joining our Discord is a great way to help the community grow, people like to talk, even if you don't have a mic you could still type. Keep in mind Discord is completely free!

4) Server staff, have extra time on your hands? Do you feel like you can improve on of our servers in our /lobby? Or maybe we haven't added the best kind of Minecraft server yet but you know which one! Applying to be a server staff could be your way of running a server without worrying about the cost!

5) Creating Videos, Creating videos and posting them on video streaming website helps new players learn about what we have to offer. Remember to tag our channel in your video for a like!

6) General Repair, keeping spawn areas in good repair from griefers of creepers will make for a more inviting map for new members to get to enjoy on.

7) Like our Facebook, liking and posting on our facebook is a great way to keep connected with the server. We use facebook ads to publish our facebook posts to new gamers in the Minecraft community, therefore posting helps!

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