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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Do I Contact When I Need Help?

Please send us a message in the #help-desk on our Discord channel. You can also send a message to one of our staff members in game or on Discord. Please do not direct message an admin unless it is very urgent.

What Do I Do If My Base Got Griefed/Raided etc.?

First of all, contact a staff member in-game immediately, if none is online, send us a message in the #help-desk channel on Discord, a staff member will support you when available. Staff will then investigate and report to an admin with what was stolen from a chest, damage done to the property etc. If you have indeed protected your property, you may be eligible for a compensation (returning your lost items, not rebuilding).
Please remember that it is the player's responsibility to protect your own properties.

Who is the owner of Miccraft?

Our community owns it!

Can A Staff/Admin Return My Items If I Accidentally Lost Them?

Sorry but no.

Asking for Coordinates?

All server builds are likely accessible from the /spawn (currently not available in Beta). Even if you have the coordinates, you have no way to teleport there on yourself.

Can I Be A Staff?

You are more than welcome to apply for staff and help us out! If you are interested, please message Annabanana8796.
Please note that an application does not guarantee a response.