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Land Protection

Miccraft features a land claiming system for our players to protect land and properties.
All players are responsible for protecting their own land and properties. Staffs will NOT provide support when griefed if land or property is not protected.

The following guide will walk you through the steps on claiming land. Remember, keep the golden shovel in your hand during the whole process. If not, you will have to redo the whole process again.

Step One

Hold a golden shovel in your hand, a message will popup indicating the number of claim blocks you have currently.

Step Two

Right-click on the block which will be the corner of the land you want to claim, the block you right-clicked on will be temporarily replaced with a diamond block for indication.

Step Three

Right-click on the *opposite* corner of the block you previously selected, by completing this step, you will see an area highlighted with gold blocks and glowstones.


/claimlist -List out all the claims that you have and their coordinates.

/trust <player> -Gives total access to a <player>.

/containertrust <player> -Allow a <player> to access your chests.

/accesstrust <player> -Allow a <player> to interact with buttons, pressure plates, doors and trapdoors.

/buildtrust <player> -Allow a <player> to build.

/managetrust <player> -Allow a <player> to add other <player> to your trustlist.

/trustlist -List out all trusted players in your claimed land that you are standing on.

/abandonclaim -Abandon the claimed land that you are standing on.

/abandonallclaims -Abandon all your claimed land.