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Miccraft features a plugin for players to set up shops. Shop units can be rented at spawn with different sizes at different rates. Our server uses diamonds(d), emeralds(e), gold(g) and iron(i) as currencies.

This guide will walk you through steps on renting a shop unit and how to set up.

Renting a Unit

Step One

To rent a unit, hold the required amount of gold or more and right click on the sign.


You have successfully rented a shop unit.

To unrent a unit, execute the following command while standing in the shop unit you want to unrent:

Step Two

After renting a unit, you may add your friends or other players to be owners of the shop. They may restock and collect income.
To do so, execute the following command:
/addfriend <unit> <player>

To remove them, execute the following command:
/delfriend <unit> <player>

Set Up

You may decorate the interior of the shop unit but not rebuild the whole building.
To sell an item, you will need to fill a chest with the item you want to sell and place a sign either on the chest or above it.
On the sign, you will need to insert the following:

Line 1: [item id] (keep the brackets [])

Line 2: Buy <x> for <y><z> -<x>= Amount of the item to sell; <y>=How much; <z>= Currency (d,e,g,i)

Line 3: (Optional) Name of item OR Sell <x> for <y><z>


  • You must try your best to keep your shop in stock.
  • If you want to connect two units, you must have at least 25 in stock item in your first unit
  • A shop unit must be open for business asap after renting.
  • A shop unit must not be used as a house or storage.