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Vote for us! Make us even more popular!

/Votesite allows you to get vote points that you can spend to get diamonds, elytra, and even beacons!

Use the command /votesite and click on one of the websites to vote.
There are 8 different websites you can vote on, and you can vote once a day on each of them.

1. PMC
3. Minecraft Servers
4. Minetrack
5. Minecraft-Servers-List
6. Mcserverstatus
7. Minecraft-Server
8. Craft-List

At the website, simply type in your minecraft username, check the robot detection box, and confirm the vote for Miccraft.

Once the vote goes through you will get one voting point. You can check how many voting points you have with /Votepoints and you can use the voting points to buy various items with /Voteshop